Carat lamp

It requires art, skill and science to transform a rough stone into a faceted gem. This intricate modular lampshade design was conceived with the same ingredients and consists of 9 identical parts and an astounding 36 facets. A special finish on the outside of the shade makes it gleam like an emerald in the dark, while the reflective white inside allows for optimal lighting.

Design: © 2008 Sander Mulder.
Lead time: 2-3 week.
Made in the Netherlands.

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Carat pandant Carat
Above: Carat in graphite ( Metallic ).
Above: graphite finish showing an ever changing view in a myriad of greys.
Carat XL Carat XL
Above: Carat XL in chrome ( Mirror ) Finish.
Above: Carat in jade ( Metallic ).
Carat XL Carat
Above: a vortex that starts on the inside of the hood and flows trough the lamp holder to the central bulb.