Ceci lamp

Inspired by the famous artwork and quote of Magritte the Ceci (ne'st pas une lampe) plays with the stereotypes of our daily lives which are imprinted in our minds. By clever use of a high power led, lamp becomes shade, and the impossible becomes possible.

Design: © 2007 Sander Mulder
Lead time: 1 week (when out of
stock: 2-3 weeks).
Made in the Netherlands.

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Ceci XL Ceci Ceci T6 T14 T20
Above: from left to right Ceci T6, T14 and T20.
Above: Ceci ( diameter 5,5 cm ).
Ceci PAR
Above: Ceci PAR.
Ceci Ceci XL
Above : Ceci XL ( diameter 12 cm ).