On your right you can find the Frequently Asked Questions (and their respective answers) for the website of Dutch designer Sander Mulder.

If your question / answer is not in the list please contact us.

How can I order products ?

You can order products by using the webshop functionality integrated into our website, by contacting any of our sales points or simply by contacting our team with your wishes.

Why do you show the prices exclusive VAT on your website?

The reason behind this is that 21% VAT ( Value Added Tax ) has to be added or deducted depending on who you are ( company or person ) and where you are located in the world. VAT is calculated according to the rules below:

Are you a business in the Netherlands or a person living in the EU ?

There will be 21% VAT added to your order.

Are you a business in the EU (but not in the Netherlands) ?

There will be no VAT added to your order (if you communicate a valid VAT number).

Are you a business or person living outside the EU ?

There will be no VAT added to your order.

As we have no way of knowing who is browsing our website and where they are located up front, all our prices are communicated exclusive VAT. The correct amount of VAT for your order is either:

  1. Calculated at checkout( payment by "PayPal account or Creditcard" ).
  2. Communicated with our invoice/quotation ( payment by "Bank" ).

How does the webshop work ?

Choose the preferred product options from their respective dropdowns, select the correct shipping option from the dropdown, click add to cart, and the item will be added to the cart ( appears on the top right of your screen) Review your cart contents, make adjustments ( for instance in quantity) when necessary, choose your preferred payment option, check the 'agree to the conditions' and click checkout. Depending the payment option you have chosen you will be forwarded to PayPal or our online checkout page for further processing.

Can you explain the payment options when using the webshop?

You have 3 payment options:

  1. by Bank
  2. by Creditcard (trough PayPal)
  3. by PayPal

How do I make sure I can pay by Bank?

Select 'Payment by: Bank' in the cart and click 'Checkout'. You will be redirected to our online checkout form where you can add your details. Click send and we will process the order and provide you with an official invoice to your address. Note: Also choose this option in case you want to receive a quotation on a product, shipping or finish. Read more about why this is necessary here.

How do I make sure I can pay by Creditcard?

Select 'Payment by: Creditcard' and you will be directed to our PayPal checkout page, where you can add your details and will then have the option to pay by Creditcard.

How do I make sure I can pay by PayPal?

Select 'Payment by: PayPal' and you will be directed to our PayPal checkout page, where you can add your details and will then have the option to pay with your PayPal account.

I have selected an option that is highlighted yellow, what does this mean?

If you have selected an option that is highlighted yellow it means you will have to ask for a quotation on your intended order. To do so it is important that you select 'Payment by: Bank' before checking out, to request this quotation. If you choose Creditcard or PayPal your quotation request won't be processed. Don't worry; even though we force you to choose the 'Bank' option you will still be able to pay your invoice with a Creditcard or by a PayPal account, if you would like to. When we receive your request we will calculate our best price on the product(s) and shipping and send you our quotation as soon as possible. Usually this will be within 1 workday, but sometimes this can take 2-3 workdays, for instance when we have to wait for a quote ourselves from our shippers.

Can you explain the shipping options when using the webshop?

Depending on the item (size/weight) you have the option to choose between shipping options:

  1. NL (Standard)
  2. EU (Standard)
  3. World (Standard)
  4. NL (Express)
  5. EU (Express)
  6. World (Express)
  7. Other; Quotation
  8. Collect

NL, EU or World (Standard)

Choose your location (NL, EU or the rest of the world) and your items will be shipped with standard TNT postal service. This is the most economic albeit a bit slower shipping. The transit times indications are NL(24 hours), EU(5-10 workdays), World(10-15 workdays).

NL, EU or World (Express)

Your items will be shipped with UPS. The transit times indications are NL (24 hours), EU (2 workdays), World (2-3 workdays).

Other; Quotation

If you are ordering multiple items, and would like us to economically combine packaging and shipping, or if you want to have the item shipped as fast as possible (next morning delivery world wide is possible !) please choose this option and select 'Payment by: Bank' on checkout. Mention your desires and deadlines and we will send you a quotation with our best price for your inquiry.


If you prefer to arrange the shipping of your order by your preferred shipper or if you like to pick up your order personally, please select this option. We will contact your for an appointment.

Are all your items shipped from stock ?

After your payment arrives on our bank account, and unless a different lead-time is communicated beforehand, the ordered items will usually ship within 2 workdays. When an item is not in stock our standard lead-time is 2-4 work weeks, depending on the ordered item. Custom items/finishes will have a lead-time of 3-6 weeks, depending on the item. If you have a strict deadline always mention this with your order/quotation request and we will do our best to meet your demands.

How can I customize my light with colour filters ?

If you would like to customise the lighting of your Josephine, Marie-Louise or Therese lamps you can use colour filters. You can get a good impression of the lighting effect of the filters on the colour filter page.
On the product pages you have the possibility to order a colour filter that fits the specific product or you can order all available colour filters at once on the colour filter page.

Do you answer requests for custom versions or one-off design projects ?

Yes, we are first and foremost a design studio and we work daily on designs for clients and our own collection. So custom versions of our standard collection or ground up one-off designs and concepts, is what we excel at. Over the years we have made smaller, bigger, up-side-down version for clients all over the worlds, so don't be shy, just ask and you will be surprised what is possible !

What colours do you offer for the Carat lamps ?

The material used for the Carat lamps is a laminate, the inside of the shade is always white, and the outside will be provided in the colour that you have specified. The edges of the material are black.

What does the term RAL colour mean ?

The RAL colour coding system is used to define standard colours for paint and coatings and is the most popular Central European Colour Standard used today. The RAL colours are standards used in architecture, construction, industry and road safety. All our items which have a paint or powder-coating finish are available in a few standard RAL colours ( mentioned with the product), but a finish in another RAL colour is available on request.

What kind of cable do you offer with lighting fixtures and is it possible to customize ?

Our pendant lighting fixtures are offered standard with 2 meter long power-cables with a braided fabric covers. These braided power-cables are available in multiple colours (see the options with each product). Our acrylic lighting collection is provided with transparent power-cable. If you wish to customize your power-cables, just let us know, we can supply 40 different colours of cabling.

When I order a lighting fixture does it come with a bulb ?

Yes, most of our lighting fixtures are shipped with 1 bulb and all the parts/hardware necessary to connect and mount it correctly. The Carat lamp does not have a bulb included, they will need a E27 bulb of max. 60W. Colour filters are not included and can be ordered separately.

Is all lighting dimmable ?

No, standard only the 'Josephine', 'Halo' and 'Cyclops' lighting fixtures are shipped dimmable. All other fixtures can be converted to dimmable on request for an additional fee. Sizes and dimensions of the fixtures control gear change when they are altered into dimmable versions.

The Therese chandeliers can be made dimmable by a 1-10V dimming system, please check your local electrician if this is an option at your home/office. It also required a larger ceiling cover, please contact us so we can provide you with more information.

Can I connect the woofers directly to an iPod/Iphone?

No. The woofers speakers are not self amplified. You need to connect your Ipod/Iphone to an amplifier and connect your woofers to the amplifier to get a good quality sound.

Where can I find the specifications of your products?

All products pages feature one or more links that allow you to download the datasheets of the respective product(s) in .pdf format. These datasheets should answer all your questions, regarding colours, specifications and/or dimensions. Otherwhise contact us.

I think I found a bug/error on your website, where can I submit it?

All HTML and CSS code on our website is compliant to W3C standards. This means it should work flawlessly on most ( modern/common ) browsers, although there might be some slight variations in how it displays. However, if you have found a problem on a modern/common browser please contact us, and we'll try to correct it.