Press Section

On your right you can move your mouse pointer over any image to reveal the download link to the respective press package (in .zip format). Click the link to download the zip file.

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'Productname'.zip contains:

'Productname'.jpg in this format you find multiple high res images of the design.

'Productname'.txt a file which describes the design, ready to copy paste in to your document.

'Productname'.pdf a datasheet with the specifications of the design.

'Credits'.txt a file with the credits for the design and the photographs.

'Sander_Mulder'.txt a file which describes Sander Mulder and his studio.

'Sander_Mulder'.jpg a high res portrait of Sander Mulder.

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Our studio is located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

All designs: © Sander Mulder.